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[sticky post]PROJECT: FIXING CALLICA - accomplished
Callica (team)
Dec 21st, 2008 - 3 a.m.

Greetings, fellow Callica shippers!

When I recently announced this little fan project of mine, I was trying to catch people's attention. If you are reading this, it probably worked. ;-)

What's this all about? — Well, I attempted to "fix" Callica.

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P.S. If you are having a bad case of missing Dr. Hahn and need a good laugh, go read my funny picture story about what really happened to Erica Hahn! Heh heh heh...

3 new Brooke Smith movies in the making (UPDATE)
Brooke Smith (Mabel)
*** UPDATE on FAIR GAME (11-24-2010) ***

Originally posted on May 29, 2009 — Great news, Brookettes:

Ms. Smith has confimed that she is just finishing shooting the last of three movies she has been working on back-to-back for the past couple of months.

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Happy 60th birthday, Boss!
Kate Switzer

Emmy Alert : Go Brooke!
Hahn - dr.hahn
Just found this little tidbit:

The top five 'Grey's' scenes we hope the Emmy voters saw

Episode 6, "Life During Wartime":
In a moment of pure raw emotion, Erica Hahn is overcome by the realization that she's unequivocally gay, and compares her new lover Callie to the glasses she hadn't realized she'd needeed as a child- until she began to see things through them. But her ecstasy turns to heartbreak when she begins to sense Callie's fear and uncertainty. Brooke Smith, who played Hahn, was mysteriously fired from the show shortly after, and the only explanation given was that her character "wasn't working". But I challenge anyone to watch this scene and find one thing that didn't work about it.

Brooke, we are keeping our fingers crossed for you!  :-)

Or as someone else put it nicely: "She is about the only person I would ever cheerlead for."  ;-P

That's it, Shonda...
Cooper - soul
Source: AusielloFiles

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In memoriam
Hahn - parking lot
» Tell it like it is.

~+~ Here lies the Heart of Team Hahn ~+~

          Hospitalized:  November 3, 2008
                     Died:  May 14, 2009

         "Farewell, last spark of hope . . ."

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ABC : "What makes you think we're homophobic?"
Hahn - sexy pride
Another article that made me snort at how a network, especially this one, never runs out of excuses:  'Ugly Betty' goes lesbian?

Of course it isn't homophobia. Why would anyone think that?  ...additional fun read...Collapse )

Brooke Smith spotting (new movie)
Kate Switzer
A fan just posted some welcome news at the ABC forum:

Brooke Smith in an upcoming Sean Penn movie

I thought that was worth a mention. =D

For those of you who would like to keep up with any news on this feature film, here's the IMDb entry:  Fair Game

Finally: Sara Ramirez speaks up
Hahn - parking lot
A wonderful interview with SaRa in which — among other things — she finally speaks up about Brooke's firing, Callica and the treatment of the plot:  Read more...Collapse )

Brooke Smith (dominatrix)
User Icons:

I've created a few (mostly GA related) Erica/Brooke icons for erica_leaves:
Grey's Anatomy  Grey's Anatomy    The Hunger  The Hunger  Grey's Anatomy

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What movie is your love life like?
Hahn - oh shit!
Haha, I did this funny survey (got the link from punky_96 ), and this is my result:  ...Titanic...Collapse )

Wallpapers (Brooke Smith, Dr. Hahn, Callica)
Hahn - McDreamy (1)
(Originally posted 12/31/08)

Being ill with a cold and restrained to remain at home kinda gets you bored after a while (especially when everyone else is busy doing their holiday shopping), so I had to do something with my time to keep myself entertained. ;-)

+++ UPDATE +++ UPDATE +++ UPDATE +++

Brooke in "The Hunger" (Week Woman)
Brooke in "The Broken Giant"
Brooke in "Vanya on 42nd Street"
Dr. Erica Hahn promo rip-off
Dr. Hahn with season 5 cast
Erica Hahn (video promo)
Callie Torres (video promo)

All images have a size of 1680x1050 pixels (16:10 widescreen format).

Happy New Year, everyone! :-)

Why Erica Hahn did work as a character
Hahn - dr.hahn
Recently, I have witnessed some (former?) Hahn fans trying to find valid arguments why Erica Hahn was doomed to be axed from Grey's Anatomy.

The list included:
— feisty, anti-social, abrasive behavior
— scaring her colleagues with jaw-dropping comments
— the dry humor she added to the show (not everyone got that)
— being badly written (for all of the above reasons)

While I think bad-mouthing the character in retrospect is more of a psychological self-deceit to help stop the "pain of loss" and be able to enjoy one's once beloved tv show again (in other words, to "move on"), it is nonetheless an absurd thing to do.

Because Erica Hahn did work as a character. 100% perfectly.

Why is that?Collapse )

Brooke in "Kansas City", "Trees Lounge" and "The Silence of the Lambs"
Brooke Smith (Mabel)
Two more scene caps of young Brooke Smith, this time from Robert Altman's "Kansas City" (1995) and from her break-through role in "The Silence of the Lambs" (1991):

Kansas City // The Silence of the Lambs

I highly recommend both movies, if you haven't seen them yet (even though the plot of "Kansas City" is a bit predictable, it's still worth watching, if only for the great Jazz music)! :-)  (Some interesting background info about the real kidnapping that inspired the story of "Kansas City" can be found here.)

Now also available is Brooke's only scene in Steve Buscemi's "Trees Lounge", a depressing tale of a man with no purpose in life, stuck in a pointless daily routine and constantly getting into trouble. It is one of at least three Buscemi/Smith collaborations I've counted thus far:

Scene from "Trees Lounge"

I was trying to upload clips from Woody Allen's Melinda and Melinda as well (another film I highly recommend!), but FOX wouldn't have it.  Go get the DVD, it's worth it, even if you usually aren't into Woody Allen movies.  M&M is starring Radha Mitchell, Chloë Sevigny (who was also in "Trees Lounge"), Will Ferrell, and a couple of well-known faces you might recognize from "Vanya on 42nd Street" and other productions (guess it's the N.Y.C. actors clique? *g*).

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ABC's McPherson disses Melissa George and Brooke Smith
Hahn - steak knife
Can you believe this crapola??

I guess, after reading this, we can safely assume that Brooke is not going to make a guest appearance on Grey's

Neither Brooke Smith, nor Melissa George have said anything bad about ABC, the show, Rhimes or anyone for that matter to deserve this sort of bad-mouthing (in fact, George was full of praise, and Smith was very careful not to step on anyone's toes). Apparently, someone didn't do his homework.

Furthermore, he insists that the studios don't want to get in the way of creativity, and that they don't care whether there might be people out there who don't agree with a certain storyline (like the current on-goings with Izzie/Denny), when just moments earlier he stated that

"the character was not working for us, [...] and the relationship was not working for us."
Caught up in his own web of lies/pitiful excuses?! *shakes head in disgust*  >:-/

Grey's Anatomy - Microfic Meme
Brooke Smith (knife)
I am giving this a try, as it sounds like funnnnn (*g*):

Try to write different categories of fic (angst, fluff, UST, etc.) in 10 words or less.

*rubs hands* Don't take me too serious! I know nothing about the different FF categories. ^-^

If you dare...Collapse )

Brooke Smith behind the scenes of "Bad Company"
Brooke Smith (Mabel)
Although I don't particularly favor this movie (the silly humor does not sit well with the thriller part, and the main plot is lacking any real twists and turns as well as an exciting climax), I nonetheless think that this behind-the-scenes featurette is endearing to watch:

In Bad Company: An Inside Look

I totally adore Joel Schumacher ("St. Elmo's Fire" and "The Lost Boys" are among my all-time favorites), Jerry Bruckheimer has done a couple of very successful productions that I enjoyed,.... and then there is Brooke Smith, of course.  So, I have to admit the acting was good, and the directing and camera work were excellent, which makes the movie worth a look after all.  ;-)

some on-set stillsCollapse )

New Docs On the Block - Erica Hahn
Hahn - dr.hahn
I just uploaded this cool behind-the-scenes featurette from Season 4 of Grey's Anatomy:

Click here to watch the video!  :-)

There has been another upload of this by someone else, but in a poor quality, so I decided to do better and even add some scenes from the other bonus DVD features.

Have fun with the retrospective glimpses of the "early Hahn".  ;-)

Brooke Smith ponders Erica's fate
Hahn - sad look
Just found this great TV Guide article:

Brooke Smith ponders the fate of her Grey's doc

I love hearing from her that she's actually given this some thought after realizing how very invested a lot of fans have gotten with her character and the Callica relationship.

It's a whole new experience for her, which is kinda cute. *g*  But it is also good hearing her say that she understands that people got invested and that we aren't total freaks for clinging to her character's memory as badly as we do.  ;-)

Update!!  Also released yesterday, was this short, but heart-warming article that made me proud to be a fan of hers:

Brooke Smith Speaks Out About Leaving Grey’s

Kudos, Brooke! :-)

Brooke Smith in "The Broken Giant" and "Dirty Sexy Money"
Brooke Smith (Mabel)
For those of you who don't own this wonderful, dark piece of art (you should!) . . .

Here are the clips of Rosemary (played by Brooke Smith):   Part 1   Part 2

This is - to date - my favorite performance of hers (apart from Dr. Hahn, of course... oh, and those extremely hot performances in "The Hunger" *g*).

Also, here's Smith's only scene from "Dirty Sexy Money":  Andrea Smithson

Enjoy! :-)

What does YOUR rainbow look like?
Kate Switzer
I did this test, and that's what I got:

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I like my results.  :-)

How to please the lesbian audience ... NOT!
Hahn - dark place
I just came across this recent article... and I'm appalled:

Grey's Anatomy Same-Sex Smooch Revealed!

As if axing Erica Hahn from the show and leaving the Callica storyline unresolved hasn't already been bad enough... Not to mention the gross display of affection Callie was showing this week towards Psycho Sadie....

But now this?

What are they thinking? That we lesbians are desperate enough to swallow any pseudo-lesbian storyline they are throwing at us??

Why did Hahn have to go? — Because she wasn't the "barbie doll" kind of pretty?  Because she was too mature, too professional and definitely not slutty enough for Seattle Grace?  Or is it because labelling her a real lesbian would have made it impossible for the character to ever hook up with a man (like Callie, who's keeping her options open)?

Here's a great response that sums the absurdity of it all up pretty well:  Grey's Anatomy: Gone too far?

+++ UPDATE (Jan 6th, 2009) +++  Another really good article on behalf of the new Grey's phenomenon of suckage:  'Grey´s Anatomy,' 'Private Practice' are adrift

How gay are you?
Hahn - sexy pride
I knew that there was something wrong with me:

I'm a bad lesbian ... I should have scored 100%! *lol*

Have fun!

Callica - the G word (5x09)
Hahn - dr.hahn
Yes, I'm still having trouble letting go of Erica Hahn...

But most importantly, I'm having trouble with how the whole issue per se is dealt with on the show.  No respect for the character, no respect for the actresses involved, and no respect whatsoever for the lesbian community.

I mean, c'mon, Shonda & ABC:  Grey's Anatomy 5x09 - the G word

Are you f*cking kidding me??? - Yes, labels suck. But false labels suck even more! - I'm appalled.

Callica - the aftermath (5x08)
Cooper - soul
For all who didn't watch last night's episode but still want to know what happens after Erica vanished:

I've made a video summing up the Erica-related scenes: Callica - 5x08 - Erica is gone

Have fun (or not) watching! — You will find my opinion on the matter in the video description to the right of the clip...

UPDATE - Dec 12th, 2008Collapse )

A bitter, yet funny goodbye to Dr.Hahn
Hahn - parking lot
Hello to all Grey's Anatomy and Erica Hahn fans out there!

If you - like me - can't believe what you've just witnessed (i.e., Brooke Smith's insultingly badly written departure from the show), you should enjoy my picto-story on what really went on in "Rise Up!":

Grey's Anatomy 5x07 - a.k.a - Don't b*llsh*t the Hahn!

Laughing is a good medicine, especially when you need help working through your feelings of shock. ;-)

So, have a good laugh! =P

Edit: I put some thought into the whole writing fiasco that has probably led to the termination of Erica Hahn.

This is what I came up with last night - minor dialogue changes and scene adjustments:  The Erica Hahn survival guide